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    Kanglong News
            binglibingli…KangLong company pioneering: can remote monitoring of biological tissue dehydrat…        [ More ]
    Product sort
    · Biological organization to be Automatic dryer
    · Automatic dyeing machine
    · Biological tissue slice machine
    · Biological tissue embedding machine
    · Frozen slice machine
    · Cell production machine
    · Cell preservation liquid
    · material get platform
    · Pathological Fume Hoods
    · Slides ark
    · Wax piece of ark
    · Associated pathological products
    · Pathologic Graph-Text Work Station
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    Address:The middle route XiaoGanShi in hubei province IcpNumber:鄂ICP備10017530號
    Telephone:0712-2953003 15098053690 Email:hbkldz@163.com
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